UFO Repurpose: Tote Bag to Sewing Machine Cover

UFO Repurpose: Tote Bag to Sewing Machine CoverMost of my sewing lately has been strictly based on a particular need, (like last month’s sunglass case) coupled with the sad reality of having only minutes to sew rather than hours at a stretch.  For my next trick, I offer you a UFO Repurpose: Tote Bag to Sewing Machine Cover

While cleaning up my office, I was repeatedly stepping over my new travel sewing machine and the plain white vinyl cover that came with it. I never thought of myself as the “I-think-I’ll-make-a-sewing-machine-cover” type, but I felt both the machine and I deserved more than plain white vinyl. But with no time to luxuriate in design, measuring, etc, I remembered two jacquard batik quilt blocks there were originally destined to homepg-handbagsbecome another Color Block Batik Bag sample for shows, etc.  These would have been the front and back of the bag, and they had fusible batting applied.  Luckily I knew just where they were stashed, saving even more time…

I stitched the sides of the two sections together, creating a perfect fit around the machine, then turned up about 1/2″ along the bottom, using a wide double-zigzag to hem it.  I didn’t bother with lining since the raw fusible batting provided a nicely cushioned, dust-defying finish against the machine (and lining takes more time!).  Then I stitched the top seam, leaving an opening for the machine handle to come through and finishing the edges of that opening with a wide zigzag stitch. It all took about 20 minutes, or about 3 segments of a “Soul Food” episode, with commercials.

The result? My machine is better protected from dust and knocks, with a cover that’s “quick and dirty”, yet colorful and culturally relevant  ; )  I’ll still be stepping over it as I clean up the office, but now I’ll admire it when I do.  Canustandit??  Now it’s your turn: What half-made projects have you redirected to solve an immediate problem, and how long did it take??  I hope you’ve been inspired to rethink some of your own UFOs…

5 comments on “UFO Repurpose: Tote Bag to Sewing Machine Cover
  1. Christina says:

    What a great idea!!!

  2. What a coincidence! One of the projects I taught at last weekend’ retreat was a custom-fit sewing machine cover!

  3. Bern says:

    Love it! Love resourceful and creative folks!!