My New Cash Register

CE-CashRegister Ft LaudIf you have a business where you sell merchandise even occasionally, you’ll want to check this out…We just returned from Quilt Show by the Sea in Ft. Lauderdale, and from the Brooklyn Quilt Guild’s show the weekend before, giving us two opportunities to try out a new POS (point of sale) cash register program I found online.  It was designed by Dale Harris, who requests a donation of only $5.00 if you find the software useful for your business.

I used to bring an actual cash register to ring up sales to shows within driving distance, but faced with the show in Ft. Laud, that wasn’t an option, so I went online in search of a program I could use on my laptop, and came up with this one. That, plus a simple cash box are all I need and the set up worked out very well.  Check out this link for more info…Cultured Expressions is pleased to have the POS Cash Registser program as the first of our new “We Recommend” links, and we look forward to passing on more great resources as we discover them.    —   lisa