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natural hair, headwrapsCultured Expressions isn’t just about sewing, quilting, crafting and decorating…it’s all about building a lifestyle around your favorite fabrics!  As a part of this evolution, we bring you the CE Natural Hair & Headwraps page, since one of my favorite uses for my batiks is the headwrap. They’re fashionable, practical, and another fun way to incorporate an extra Fabrigasm into my daily life.  Highly recommended…

LisaWrappingNo matter how you wear your hair, check out CE Fabric Videos on YouTube for Lisa’s headwrapping videos.

Come to Roc-A-Natural in NYC, APRIL 10, 2016 – shop for CE headwraps and get great tips at Lisa’s headwrapping demo! Enjoy a day of natural hair and healthy lifestyle inspiration.

And download our free HEADWRAP How-To’s!

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  natural hair & heawraps #culturedexpressionsGot Your “Natural Since ___” Pin?

Love your natural hair?  Tell the world how long you’ve been natural with a little help from Betty Boop!!  Just complete the statement “Natural since_____” with a Sharpie permanent marker and wear it with pride.  It’s a great conversation starter among naturals! Pin it to your clothing, tote bag strap, hat or anywhere.  At just $2.50 each, remember to treat your natural friends, too.

Hairstylists and vendors:  Wholesale inquiries are welcome


blogtalkradioLOGOLisa-BigTwists natural hair headwraps Cultured Expressions“What My Natural Hair Journey Taught Me” – listen to this pre-recorded the conversation of five natural hair enthusiasts including me, and led by longtime CE friend Tamarra Causley Robinson. Tamarra is a licensed life coach and owner of Dare 2 Do It Now.  You’ll enjoy a wonderfully intriguing and honest conversation between sisters, friends and family, “a conversation that’s usually had while at the hair stylist or between girlfriends getting together for some TLC,” as Tamarra describes it        (taped April 21, 2015)  Listen Now!


natural hair & headwraps #culturedexpressionsHELP!! Do you know this lady?  Are YOU this lady?  I took this photo after wrapping her at a NJ or NY natural hair expo a couple of years ago, and I love this photo, but I did not get her name.  Would love to give her the proper credit. Meanwhile, this is a perfect example of how our Jacquard Batiks enhance your natural beauty…

REWARD:  Free headwrap to anyone who can lead us to her!


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