Your Purchases of CE’s Brass Embellishments Support Its Education Fund

It was a proud moment for Lisa when Daniel, the company’s Ghana-based assistant, became the first official recipient of its Education Fund proceeds. “Through our customers’ purchases of the brass embellishments, we were able to provide Daniel with a laptop, camera and tuition for computer school,” Lisa explained. The laptop was customized and loaded with all the extras by Lisa’s husband, Glen (who serves as CE’s VP of Technology). Daniel graduated in December ’08, having completed programs in Hardware, Networking. Since then, he’s also begun training in Video Production.

“We look forward to putting Daniel’s new skills to work as we expand his CE duties. Since most of his work for us involves coordinating the production & shipping of our brass beads and accents, it made sense that he should benefit directly from his efforts, and just that easily, the CE Education Fund was created.”

Twenty-five of Lisa’s customers, students and associates got to know Daniel personally during the company’s first Textile & Craft Tour of Ghana, in September of 2010; preparations for the September 2011 tour are now underway, and Daniel will again be an integral part of the experience.

Cultured Expressions thanks everyone who has supported our program through their brass purchases, and Lisa plans to expand the company’s program of assistance under the CE Cares banner in the near future.


“Why do they call it Mudcloth??”

The proper name for mudcloth is BOGOLAN. The term mudcloth became commonly used when traders, who witnessed the painstaking process of applying iron-rich river clay, began to refer to it as mudcloth. This beautiful, handcrafted cotton fabric from Mali is one of our favorites, and we list some easy laundering tips in the Projects/Tips section.


Wedding Dress Article1001

Sewing your own wedding gown or other special occasion outfit?

Be sure to check out the June ’05 issue of SEW NEWS magazine for Lisa’s article on special-occasion sewing. You’ll find lots of practical and creative tips for creating the dress of your dreams – PDF article