Enter the Garage Sip & Sew Giveaway!

After seeing and hearing about everyone else’s exciting projects during three CE events this summer  — namely the African American Quilt Conference in Lawrence, KS, then Quilt Odyssey in Hershey, PA, and our joint Customer Appreciation Day event with Yara African Fabrics in the Bronx, NY — I decided to stop everything and get back to my own machine.

I set myself up in the garage last Sunday, one of those perfect-weather days, and stitched up some not-so-random blocks using CE’s ABC Strip Bundles… sipped water and wine between blocks, it was fabulous!  The open garage gave me the perfect combination of indoors and outdoors. I need to do that more often… like maybe this Sunday!  Then I’ll be packing up the Janome Jem Gold for our SewJourn Colorado Mountain Retreat, starting this Wednesday  ; )

This is what I have so far – imagine 12 more blocks, with black silk douppioni sashing…hopefully I can move it forward during our retreat.

Enter the Garage Sip & Sew Giveaway!

So what are you sipping and sewing this summer, and where are you doing it? Comment below for the chance to win a mini-strip bundle! All comments posted by Wednesday at 12 noon will be eligible to win…Good Luck!


100 comments on “Enter the Garage Sip & Sew Giveaway!
  1. Tambra Chisolm says:

    Set up in my dining room, with my sewing machine, and the silk tie project, Ties that Bind, I am sipping on Pampelonne ( a French sparkling wine); flavor is Blood Orange. Completing
    the silk tie project with a chiffon silk scarf. The scarf was made using a technique from Pat Stazer. I love the finished product and the wine!!!! I would have shared a picture of my wine and the scarf but was not able to do so.

    • Lisa Shepard Stewart says:

      Tambra that wind sounds fabulous…next time I come to Balto we’ll have to share some. I don’t know how to set this blog up so you can post pix ; (

  2. Chiquita says:

    Sewing churndash blocks, sipping on sweet tea

  3. Kathleen Ash-Flashner says:

    Outstanding! Can’t wait to see the black silk sashing. 2 baby quilts are my projects this month.

    • Lisa Shepard Stewart says:

      I have baby quilts to make too! Need them ready by November. Thanks for the reminder, Kathleen ; )

  4. Thelia Smith says:

    Me myself and I will be sewing up some UFO’s. Sew therapy is a wonderful thing!

  5. Marya says:

    In my studio with my first clamshell quilt!

  6. Karen Maslowski says:

    Glorious! This gives me an idea of how to use my collection of Australian Aboriginal prints, which are colorful in much the same way. Thank you, Lisa!

    • Lisa Shepard Stewart says:

      My pleasure, Karen. It will make a great project for the next issue of Fabrigasm…

  7. Jill McCaughey says:

    Right now there isn’t a lot of sewing going on, as we have sold our house and haven’t found another, so I am busy sorting through my “warehouse” of fabrics and supplies, cutting 2 1/2″ strips of Christmas fabrics in between to make me think I am having fun. I am donating a lot of fabrics to a place where newcomers to Calgary can go sew, and it is nice to whittle down my supply. Now I only have to live till I’m 114, and NOT buy anything else, and it will all disappear! Jill from Calgary

  8. Tonya J Johnson says:

    This is the pick me up I needed. I want to make the vintage purse for family this Christmas and will work on them in between school prep.

  9. Susan Frazier-Kouassi says:

    I am sipping on coffee from Uganda (courtesy of my daughter) and sewing African patchwork pieced 1/2 aprons.

  10. Working on some UFO’s.. I want this pattern you are working on.

    • Lisa Shepard Stewart says:

      Christianna – I’ll be including this project instructions in the Fall issue of Fabrigasm magazine…stay tuned!

  11. Marsha says:

    Enjoying my Jacquard sampler pack from the conference in Lawrence, making improv blocks.

  12. Kimberlyn Keaton says:

    I’ll be workING on a quilt for my niece to take to college in a few weeks. I’m in a time crunch.

  13. So beautiful! So many unique patterns! The color is amazing! Love how our cultural art exudes life! I can imagine those on a beautiful clutches, handbags and pillows!!

    • Lisa Shepard Stewart says:

      You’re right, Lisa, as single block projects they’re sometimes even better than a full quilt…

  14. Mary D says:

    That garage sewing space sounds divine. A perfect mix of indoor and outdoor yummy-ness.

    I am cutting fabrics for 2 charming plus quilts in both a warm and cool colorway. All the while I am planning my next 3-5 quilts on paper and in my design eye.

    I so missed the opportunity to go to Lawrence, KS this year. Hopefully this will happen again and there will be another opportunity coming up.

    • Lisa Shepard Stewart says:

      Yes the garage is highly recommended. All you need is a card table sized space.

  15. Rose Mikulski says:

    This is so funny but I usually sew downstairs in my basement where my studio is located but I’ve been sewing upstairs with my Janome Jem Gold. I knew that your machine was the same when I saw your photo-isn’t it the sweetest machine, I’m still kicking myself for not spending the extra $100 for the needle up/down feature, they don’t make them anymore. I am sewing scrappy rail blocks–72 of them. The Janome Jem Gold is such a little workhorse–it’s the machine I take when we go on vacation. Have a fun trip!

    • Lisa Shepard Stewart says:

      Yes, Rose, I love this little machine, too! It even handled mudcloth well, though I was careful not to abuse it. I didn’t know they offered a needle up/down version. I might have sprung for that, too ; )



  17. Mary L says:

    Sipping Merlot or green tea with lime at the pool ( planning and designing in my head next sewing project). Sometimes I actually make it to the sewing machine but it is SUMMER.

  18. Yvonne Edey says:

    Just sticking away all day. Love to sow

  19. Rosalind says:

    Sewing a denim quilt for my granddaughter sipping on seltzer water 😊😊😊

  20. Sarah Mae says:

    I’m making batik and ankara print sundresses ans skater skirts while sipping on a tall, refreshing glass of dihydrogen hydroxide.

  21. Christina says:

    Just back from visiting family in Denmark. Feeling very rested and inspired to sew. Can’t wait to see you in Colorado and relieve you of some of your goodies. Quilts here I comne.

    • Lisa Shepard Stewart says:

      Yep, the timing is perfect for a decompressing creative retreat! See you on Wednesday Christina!

  22. Cindy says:

    I have finished my mosaic and will begin quilting today

  23. Katy M says:

    I’m sewing in my living room since my son came along and claimed my sewing room as a nursery! Gorgeous fabrics x

  24. Alice Kirts says:

    Working on creating a space in my garage so my sewing won’t be all over the house. I want to make my “very first quilt”. I want to use African prints. That’s my goal. Your picture is inspiring Lisa. Thank you!

  25. Tee says:

    I’m sewing and embroidering 45 satin shoe bags for a sorority retreat, embroidering patches on some jackets, and getting ready to sew up a storm at my Just Sew Retreat (8/11-14/17) in Dickerson, MD.

  26. Diane Roney says:

    Working on a paper piecing project and loving it.

  27. Mary Rowin says:

    Last week I took a class at our local quilt shop in dying vintage textiles. Fun and good results, but nothing beats the vibrancy of CE fabrics. I worked all my multis into a quilt and fiber book covers. Now it’s time to use the blues I bought this past spring!

  28. Martha Lisa Smith says:

    I sew in the sewing room…It’s a bit rainy and humid to sew outside here in Ohio.

  29. Jennifer Allison says:

    Working on totes for Christmas and thinking some kind of sewing project for community service with my church.

  30. Jo Barr says:

    Finishing many UFO’s this summer. The latest is Kaleidoscope wall hanging. Just looking at and touching the Jacquard Batiks I bought at the Hershey show.

    • Lisa Shepard Stewart says:

      Touching them is half the fun. Some regular customers come to the booth just to pet the jacquard batiks.

  31. Christina says:

    Colors are great, but couldn’t this be dangerous? Sipping and sewing especially if yoou have too many sips of saw something alcoholic like red or white wine!! Happy sewing.

  32. Montika Allen-Atkinson says:

    It was great to meet you at the NAAQC! I have used some of the beads I purchased from you! They made my art quilt POP and I can’t wait to use the rest! Thanks for your patience and love you showed the Sisters at the convention! Lisa, you really made each and every one of us feel special! Praying for your continued success and have fun at your planned event coming up soon!

    • Lisa Shepard Stewart says:

      Thank you, Montika. Your comments made my day ; ) and it was equally special for me to connect with everyone at NAAQC.

  33. Erma Johnson says:

    I’m still working on finishing projects from the naaqc. Having my sewing room occupied doesn’t help much (LOL).

  34. Cheryl says:

    I Adore your fabrics!

    I used the last of my last purchase from your store to make some mini pyramid pouches for a local heritage festival!

    • Lisa Shepard Stewart says:

      I love those pyramid pouches! I thought the’d look great in bogolan / mudcloth, too but I haven’t tried one yet.

      • Cheryl says:

        Mudcloth is a great idea!
        I think that patterns would call for a slightly bigger pouch, tho… So I could show off the fabrics in all their glory!

        • Lisa Shepard Stewart says:

          Agreed, I’d upsize it a bit too. Although I’ve done my little African Vintage Coin Purse in mudcloth – it measures about 3″ x 4″

  35. June McFarland says:

    I just finished a wall hanging with your gorgeous 2 in squares. Looking forward to doing one with the strips.

  36. Rosemarie says:

    Your giveaway is just awesome and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I am the lucky winter! The prints are absolutely gorgeous!!!

  37. Willa Siao-Pao says:

    I am on my way to Colorado to Sewcialize with Lisa.

  38. helen says:

    Thank you for giving the opportunity to win this lovely mini-strip-bundle!😍I would make your project – love it!
    This summer I am finishing a sort of improv-block quilt which started as a QAL on the internet and I changed my mind about it.:) And this while sipping some “Apérol-Spritz” (Apérol-Prosecco-MineralWater, ice-cubes and small cut orange parts) which I am crazy about, lol! We tried this about three years ago in Florence, Italy, and it has become our absolute favorite summer (changing to year-along) drink.
    Best wishes!

  39. Carolyn Logan says:

    Lisa that quilt layout looks awesome! This morning I enjoyed reading all the comments and your responses with excitement and joy. I’m in the midst of a major event and look to the fall to get busy sewing. I look forward to the next issue of Fabrigasm too.

    • Lisa Shepard Stewart says:

      Yes, this has generated lots of fun comments ; ) And yes you HAVE to join in the fun this fall, Carolyn!

  40. Marie SPODEK says:

    I’ve been slowed down with driving two grandchildren to and from their summer camp, plus one was bunking in my sewing area. Although BEST summer in a long time, I’ve had no sewing time. One is back with his daddy, and I am reclaiming that space and plan to stitch ALL DAY…

    • Lisa Shepard Stewart says:

      Maybe next year you can teach one or both a little sewing…

      • Marie SPODEK says:

        Yep! Done that. Each grandchild plus several friends all made their own quilts when they were six or seven. My longarm-er husband quilted them. On rainy days, we pull out the tub of SCRAPS and they make ART QUILTS, and they love quilting with the “jumping foot.”
        What has slowed me down this summer is
        the extra planning around drop off and pick up times, and planning for HUNGRY appetites, washing LOTS of clothes, etc. etc. etc. ALL GOOD, don’t get me wrong, just have found it better to NOT try to do all, be all, etc.

        • Lisa Shepard Stewart says:

          Stop, Marie…You had me at “longarm-er husband”. Glad you enjoyed your summer, laundry and all.

  41. Hi there,
    Lisa, your layout is fabulous!
    I’m working on a paint chip challenge; my color chip is light grey-dark grey!
    I decided to stitch a few thousand half-square triangles and piece into a picnic throw. I’ll post my progress tonight on my blog!😜

  42. Valerie says:

    Using my African fabric strips from CE in my paper-doll collaging projects. I’ve been giving them as gifts and they are fabulous! My drink of choice is water with crystalized lime, beet and carrot juice. I’m working in my home studio that is rapidly being over-stuffed and overtaken by fabric, beads, paper, beads, findings, fabric, paper, beads and beads. But I am committed to working there!!!!

  43. Betty Phillips says:

    I’m working on my Harriet Tubman quilt and sipping water when I can. Visited the library today to get information about the Fugitive Slave Act, Underground Railroad stations,etc. Will incorporate these documents and information into the Quilt.

    • Lisa Shepard Stewart says:

      Nice, Betty. Is there a blog or site where we see your work when it’s completed?

  44. Vanessa Peters says:

    Greetings, thanks for having this giveaway. Would love to make a necklace with this. Good luck to us all!

  45. Sandra ealy says:

    I truly need these. I am working on a scrappy Star quilt and would love to add these to my quilt.

  46. Leslie Johnson says:

    Working in the studio inventorying fabric, yarn and notion supplies for holiday gift making season with a tall glass of ginger white tea and strawberries.

  47. Corrine Olsen says:

    My family and I just returned from a two week fish and berry camping trip. Salmon and berries in the freezer waiting for our winter feast. Now I am on a 10 day staycation organizing my sewing station. Could not have used my sewing machine without help from my new friends from Ocala, Florida (thank you! Love you gals). Hydrating with a tall glass of cold water, thinking of starting small with my vintage purse kit.

  48. Karen Terry says:

    I thought of hanging a picture of the lake that our family has a cottage on and we’ve gone too for over 100 years. It’s name is “Paradise Lake”. I know that I can get beyond this creative lapse that I’ve been in for awhile, by looking at pictures of that lake. Sipping on a frosty while creating mug rugs from the mini ABC bundle for Christmas gifts. 🙂

  49. Joy McAuley says:

    Have a few projects that I am currently working on: one is a Christmas throw that I am donating to Senior Center. Second one is a window pane 9 patch. And third is a QAYG. I have so many UFOs that sometimes it gets to me! Wish I could sew outdoors……well, guess I could sew on my porch.

  50. Natalie Bogerman says:

    It has been a few crazy weeks of summer, with lots of wonderful family visiting. Now that things are settled down, I am trying to get things organized, and decide which Christmas gifts I want to start on first (it never turns out well if I wait until the last minute!) And I’m drinking some unsweetened iced tea…either a Tulsi blend or Meyer Lemon. I love when we keep the fridge stocked with iced tea! 🙂

  51. Linda Johnson says:

    Finishing bricks, cobblestone and pebbles quilt top, then starting a monthly BOM with online quilt group. I recently purchased pillow kits from you to make with granddaughters when they visit.

  52. Jackquelynn Jones says:

    Working feverishly to complete an African throw for my 100 year old cousin. I have no time to waste. Gotta get it done..Will post when done!

  53. Cindy says:

    Machine quilting many UFO’s I stopped counting @25

  54. Julia says:

    Set up in my basement studio working on Applique poodle blocks for a wall hanging

  55. Seems like I’ve been Sipping on Orange juice or ice cold water this Summer. Sewing baby booties and headwraps when I get the chance! New Baby Boy is still getting used to the sound of the sewing machine & Serger, lol! Sometimes I don’t want to risk waking him up!Crossing fingers & toes I win this giveaway! Love your fabrics!

  56. Cheryll Gordon says:

    These are some beautiful fabrics. I have started a collection of African Fabrics and Ethnic Fabric to start on my quilt. We don’t have a Fabric store that carries a selection.

  57. Nataly Poire says:

    Just moving in a new state, new home, unpacked the machines. Ready for new projects…😜 Love precut and jelly rolls, always fun and easy to work with.

  58. Joann says:

    Can’t wait to see finished product…great reminder to pull out one of my UFO’s and get to FINISHING!

  59. Cynthia Malachi White says:

    Sewing and sipping I have to stay with water and crystal lite (keeping the numbers is real). The joy of going through your stash of UFOs yes, I started busting the stash and remembering why I started each one. Now for completion!!

  60. Barbara McCall says:

    Working on Scrappy art quilt by Aisha Lumumba. Getting ready to bring her into Philly with a workshop,book Reading and signing. Drinking a watermelon strawberry and lime smoothie. Yum!