DIY Remake: Leather Vest to Handbag

LeatherVestBagBackThis is my second leather transformation , the first was my own leather jacket that became a handbag.  I LOVE it a lot more as a bag than I ever did as a jacket.  So this time, my brother gave me a leather vest he outgrew, and remembering my bag, he thought I’d want to experiment with it.  Yes, that was three years ago, but I’ve been busy…Anyway, the bag is finally complete...thanks, Paul  ; )

A few design notes…

  • The armholes formed openings at the ends of the bag that I sarted to close up, but they give me handy quick access to my phone, keys, water bottle, etc.
  • leathervestbagfrontThe lining really adds some interest to the black bag.  I made it visible by design, to peek out along the sides & top edges.  The top edges look like piping.
  • Remnants from the vest were used for the handle tabs , and I cut the back neck edge to use as an inside pocket – and it was already lined!  The second is a zippered pocket done in the lniing fabric, reinforced with a knit interfacing – the hand is perfect.
  • At first  added a rigid bottom to the bag (cut from a rotary mat), but it was a bit TOO rigid, and the leather had enough body naturally, so I took it out.

In related news, Glen (my husband) just brought home a leather coat from her house  – she was about to get rid of it when he told her “Nooo!” it would make a great handbag!  Sometimes he makes me so proud..I’ve trained him well  ; )  Weeks later, she gave me a pair of red leather gloves.  I’m thinking that the palm of the hand area would make a cute little change purse, just add a zipper!  If you have a leather garment you’re not using anymore, figure out what kind of bag you can create.   Enjoy…





3 comments on “DIY Remake: Leather Vest to Handbag
  1. Connie says:

    What a creative idea to upcycle a leather vest! It looks great!

    • Lisa Shepard Stewart says:

      Thanks, Connie. Have you ever tried a leather remake? If you can’t get any free family giveaways, try a thriftshop –. Lisa

  2. Robin Pinchback says:

    I have parts a leather jacket. Someone took a sleeve & used it as a purse bottom. I kept the rest & now I’m going to try an make a purse.